EPD Leadership Plan

The essence of community policing is for the police to work with, and police from, the perspective of the community in the most professional way possible. Part of this means making decision to transform police organizations to be transparent, fair and just.  EPD has worked tirelessly over the past three years to make this transition happen in a pervasive and structural manner that outlives any one person or generation of police officers.  This Leadership Plan is the next step to embed community policing into the bedrock of this department.

Creating this roadmap or Leadership Plan took more than a year.  We started by studying where we were, and sought input from officers, detectives and sergeants.  Next we posted an online survey (see attached) analyzing the data and interpreting it for our use.  EPD held two focus group session, one with local businesses and another open to all.  EPD received important feedback and information along the way.  Finally the information was discussed with the Chief’s Advisory Panel (police oversite) and given to city council and the city manager.  The Leadership Plan is presented to you here.

How the Leadership Plan affects you.  One of the things learned in the survey was that community members wanted greater contact with and access to patrol officers.  Their desire is to problem solve together.  EPD is working on a plan to assign officers to neighborhoods, provide email access to community members then provide officers time to work with community members on issues of importance.

This is a great police department, one filled with compassionate and talented people.  We are learning, growing and improving rapidly.  If you are interested in how this great city is policed, then I invite you to read the attachments below and  help EPD be community oriented. In the end we will all be better for it.

Thank you to those who took the time to give us feedback.

Leadershipplan.1  LEadershipPlanning.DataPP



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2 Responses to EPD Leadership Plan

  1. Ron Brown says:

    Was it an open forum for business groups or did you select them?


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