Tipping Point

In Malcom Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, he points to small changes that can have an enormous impact. Once those changes reach a Tipping Point they accelerate resulting in amazement. Gladwell gives the three rules for the tipping point: contagiousness; the fact that little causes can have big effects; and change happens in one moment. For a good easy to read synopsis of the Tipping Point please see the attached link. Gladwell.

EPD, we are at a tipping point. There is a contagious epidemic and you’ve gotten the bug. As a team we identified the number of guns in the hands of criminals as a high policing priority. You have gone after illegal guns with vigor. Violence associated with illegally possessed guns is unacceptable. We will drive it to a tipping point.  Illegal guns will continue to be a top policing priority. Street level gun crime infrequently comes from those legally entitled to possess guns.  It most often comes from those prohibited from possessing firearms. Guns This month alone, EPD has taken 20 guns off the street and out of the hands of criminals, drug addicts and the mentally ill.  Your work is stellar; your dedication impressive.  You’ve earned the communities respect. Many police agencies our size don’t proactively seize this many guns in a year!

Now, the community, gun stores and gun enthusiasts can help you keep all of us safer. They can lock up their guns. When leaving the business or house, put guns away.  There is a simple way to prevent gun theft. Hide it. Lock it. Keep it. Never leave guns unattended. Hide them, you can make sure they are not visible. Lock them up, buy a gun safe. That way you can keep them. It your right. We don’t want guns in the hands of criminals, drug addicts and the mentally ill. Each of us must do our part.  EPD keep doing yours.

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