Chasing the Dragon

Is someone you care for heading down the path of drug or substance abuse? Do you know a kid who is smoking Cannabis or dabbing, and as a result struggling with addiction? Don’t just watch this self-destruction, do something.  Please, sit down with them and watch this video produced by the FBI and DEA.  It’s worthwhile. Perhaps it will cause one or two to seek help.

Humboldt, we have an epidemic of substance abuse of Heroin, Meth, MDMA, Cocaine, alcohol and marijuana and it costs us dearly.  No judgement or condemnation, just concern and desire to improve the lives of those in pain.  If after watching this video you want help, please call EPD and we will connect you to those who can help. (707) 441-4060.

Warning: It is a mature and serious topic. Consider the age of those watching as it can be raw footage.  Chasing the Dragon

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