100 Cars!

100 cars and counting. One of the more significant problems in Eureka is blight.  A broken and abandoned car here and graffiti there.  Shopping carts tipped over and lying in the street and trash heaps piled sporadically around town.  Panhandlers throughout the community.  All of Eureka Departments are problem solving these issues and its beginning to show.  There are fewer abandoned cars, shopping carts and panhandlers.  Now graffiti…you too can help.

Blight pushes away customers, tourists and even residents. So, when EPD recognized we had an abandoned car problem, we scratched out collective heads and sought volunteers to help.  Enter the super volunteers of the Vehicle Abatement Team, Debbie Brantley, David Startare and Roger Miller. Collectively they have yanked 101 cars off the street.  They have also off loaded hundreds of calls for services from patrol officers and improved the aesthetics of the city.  Their work is spectacular!  T/S article by Hunter Cresswell  If you see the volunteers around town, say thanks or buy them a cup of coffee.  They do this for free!

Now we turn our sights to Graffiti.  EPD is assembling a Graffiti Abatement Team. Want to help beautify Eureka? Here is a good place to start. You can email me directly and I will forward it to the team or call 441-4044 and say I want to paint over graffiti.


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