There is a great deal of interest in reducing the homeless population here in Eureka. Reading posts in the LOCO and talking to people around town, it is obvious that people want solutions.  Now members of the business community created a plan to house houseless people in customized shipping containers. Crazy as it seems, it just may work. The faith community created a gofundme page so you can get involved.

People like Ms. Betty Q. Chin and Brian Hall from the Rescue Mission have cared for the homeless for decades. Now they need your help to fray the expense.  Here is one way to help. I recognize there are many paths to the same goal, but for those who want to get involved and don’t have a way, consider this: #GoFundBetty

For the price of a couple of cups of coffee you can be part of the solution, rather than a 40 year old guy living in the basement of your parent’s house, smoking a dubbie, listening to 70’s music, complaining on-line about the homeless and every other malady of society. I challenge you, help the cause. Several of the boys (and girls) in blue have already done so.  Why don’t you?

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