Dog Gone It!

Many people, including my wife, like doges better than humans. Dogs love without prejudice or being judgmental.  They are loyal and faithful; all they ask for in return is a little affection and food.  They are often considered family.  Our dog Justice was family.  When a family member was sick, she never left that persons side for more than a month.

Recognizing the importance of animals, EPD counted the dogs living there and put a plan in place to protect them. We counted 69 dogs, four chickens and two goats. Caring for animals has been part of our contingency plan since day 1.  EPD allocated $ 3,000 to help care for, spay and neuter dogs as we take possession of them on May 2. It is a sacrifice, but one well worth it.  We also believe it also lessen the impact on the Humboldt County Animal Control Shelter, a vital resource.  EPD furthered partnered with animal rescue groups to prepare for adoption or temporarily keeping the dog until the master can get situated in a suitable living environment.  Celeste Villarreal, our new Animal Control Officer, is the point person for this part of the mission.  She is doing a wonderful job at it.

Let’s be clear. City Council has directed staff to vacate the marsh on May 2.  EPD prefers for people to move out with their dogs prior to May 2.  Moving out or getting arrested is their choice.  Each person has been told that numerous times. “If you go to jail your dog goes to the shelter.”  We have no other option, as we cannot leave them unattended.  That would be irresponsible.  Each person has been offered help with their dogs and finding housing.  Time is short and decision must be made. Justice

Justice Mills…the American Bull Dog

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