Payday for Parolees & Homeless

What does Eureka do with all of the prop 47 felons leaving prison and heading toward the streets? Most have – No job. No plan. No hope! That was until Miles Slattery and his team of innovators began Pathway to Paychecks. Pathway to Paychecks is a novel approach to help the chronically under employed, the homeless and felons gain employment. Park and Recreation (payday link here) partnered with Ms. Betty Kwan Chinn (link here), and the County to give a four series class on how to get a job.

The homeless, felons and the under employed learn skills such as filling out applications, making resume’s, interviewing with employers and dressing for success. New duds are given to students by the Chinn center. The prospective workers practice interviews and receive feedback from pros like Gary Bird, the Director of Personnel, for the City of Eureka.  There are even employers lined up to give them a chance.  WOW! Real solutions for real problems.

EPD strongly supports this effort by Park and Rec and Betty Chinn and encourages local business to call Park and Rec or Ms. Betty Chinn to offer jobs. Some folks just need a chance. You need a chance? Then call Park and Rec at (707) 441-4248.  30 people are on their way to a payday and some self-esteem.

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