Violence…Against the Police

This article addresses what most police already know. Society’s failure to deal with mental health problems, domestic violence, PTSD, gun availability, and absconding from bail, probation and parole costs cops their lives. Policing is a dangerous job and most cops accept that, but failure to take these issues head on is costing good men…and women their lives.

Here in Eureka mental health is in crisis. DV is an epidemic. Absconding is rampant. We are awash in guns, often in the wrong hands.  We need big thinkers to solve these problems. Solving them makes all of us safer-especially the police who are the only ones left to confront problems abdicated by society.  At 3:00 am who else is going to confront a man armed with a knife, fueled on meth and acting out his paranoid delusion?  No one…just a couple of 25year old guys or gals in blue uniforms.

For all of the Ashley Guidon’s out there (11 so far this year compared to one last year), time to step up America. Read the Washington Post article here.

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