Tension In The Air

Regularly I hear from businesses and residents that there is tension in the air. Combine that with the fact that Humboldt County (Eureka) has the highest arrest rate in the state. Overall, it seems people are tired, frustrated and well, angry with crime and criminals.  Nationally we see the statistical reality of rising crime and now recent data may suggest why.


Here in Eureka violent crime has risen sharply over the past quarter. We will see how long it continues but for now its concerning.  EPD carefully considers crime trends and looks for commonalities in order to prevent or suppress it.  In this up turn commonalities are difficult to find.

Studies in crime victimization still hold true for violent crime: When you engage in risky behavior, you are more likely to be the victim of crime.  Sell illegal substances, get robbed.  Visit prostitutes, get STDs. Take drugs to the point where you are completely unaware of your surroundings and walk out into traffic in dark clothing in the middle of the night, get hit by a car.  Leave your keys in the ignition while idling in your driveway, say goodbye to your truck. Yes, Eurekans lose several a month that way.

We believe AB109 and Prop 47 play a role, how much we don’t yet know. The lack of management and oversite for those already on probation or parole is part of the problem.  Probation is overwhelmed, Parole is now non-existent.  EPD sought and obtained funding from AB109 to hold absconding probationers accountable.   Probation along with EPD and others who wish to join in, will track down absconding probationers.  Let’s see if the trends can be reversed and the tension reduced by holding those most likely to re-offend accountable.


For more on California crime. California Crime

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