I’d Take a Bullet for You

Our collective hearts ache for the families and friends of the victims of San Bernardino’s terrorist attack.  Attacks such as this leave each of us feeling vulnerable and at risk of being the next victim. Nationally we struggle to find solutions to terrorism and gun violence and many are frustrated with government’s lack of ability to stop it.  Some suggest arming everyone all the time. Others wish to suspend the second amendment to the constitution.  Going to the extremes rarely works well. Yet, how does a great country like the USA solve this problem?

It begins by understanding the context and scope of the problem. Here is some data I found informative about gun violence in the United States. Gun Violence

Since the Sandyhook shooting there have been more than 1,000 mass attacks where there was at least four victims.  To sharpen our response to this potential threat, last year EPD hosted an active shooter training exercise for law enforcement and fire at a local business.  We will do so again. This time we will extend the training to include members of the public, as many active shooting incidents are resolved prior to police arrival.  The public training will focus on the concept of Run-Hide-Fight.

Know this…as stated by San Bernardino detective, “I will take a bullet before you, that’s for damn sure.”  SBSO Deputy Every EPD cop knows when signing on to this job that danger is a part of our job.  I regularly watch EPD officers take calculated risk to save others and prevent having to take life.  When others flee danger, EPD runs toward it. Each officer is prepared and willing to protect you at all costs. Even if that cost, God forbid, is their own life.  However, working together we can reduce the threat and prevent additional casualties.  We invite you to join us January 2016 and learn how we can make Eureka safer. Date, time and location to be announced.


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