Problem Solving: Reduce Injury Collisions


Over the past year EPD has worked with Traffic Engineering to reduce injury collisions in Eureka.  While its a small snapshot in timethe news looks promising.  A comparison during the summer months over the past five years shows a 35% overall reduction in injury collisions. 


Based on the data provided here, how would you spend most of your time educating, enforcing and altering the environment? To reduce the number of collisions the efforts should center around violation of right of way, and adherence to signals and signs.


Notice how collision cluster by location.  Alter the location, reduce the collisions. Most active clusters are the 6th & 7th street corridors along H, I and J Streets, 14th and Wabash, H at Henderson and Harris. By reducing collisions at these locations, safety can improve.


Note the similarities between the collision locations.  14th and the Broadway along with Wabash are troublesome spots for pedestrians.  Expect continued enforcement at these locations.  Below are the majority of bicycle accident locations in the city.  Henderson is the hot spot for collisions with bicycles. Cyclists beware!  Work with the folks at Traffic Eng and EPD to improve traffic safety in Eureka.  Know the difficult locations, pay attention when crossing the street and by all means…yield to the right of way, especially at intersections.


Bicycle Collision Locations

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