Chief’s Advisory Panel

Over the past year, EPD with the approval of City Council, has worked to create a Chief’s Advisory Panel.  The panel’s first meeting will be held at EPD HQ on August 11, 2015 at 1600 hours.

Some members of the board have already attended training at EPD to learn more about the inner workings of EPD, its policy and procedures. Others are scheduled to observe more training next week.

When you see the CAP members, give them your input on how you see EPD; how we can better serve you. Think about how you see the role of the police particularly here in Eureka.  Should we be peace keepers, Problem solvers, strict enforcers or an occupational force keeping a wary eye.

Each person is a distinguished member of the community and EPD is honored to have them give of their time, expertise and wisdom to help us grow into the department Eureka wants.

Ginette Walker is a trainer counselor who has done incredible work with the Hispanic Community and is a member of LatinoNet.

Elizabeth Smith is the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of the Redwoods, Vice President of the NAACP and belongs to numerous other service clubs.

Elan Firpo is a trained mechanical and materials engineer, attorney in private practice and prior deputy district attorney.

Jeremiah Scott is a local attorney in private practice and former member of the Big Red 1. He holds a Doctorate in Law from Santa Clara University

Reverend Doctor Daniel Price is the Senior Pastor of Fist Presbyterian of Eureka. Dr. Price serves on the Board of Directors for Betty Chinn and volunteers often serving the homeless.

John Dalby is the President and CEO of Redwood Capital Bank. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and serves on several other boards and service organizations.  His bank was rated best bank to work for in California

Marcus Drumm is an alternate on the CAP.  He graduated from Lewis and Clark School of Law and is the General Manager of the Loleta Services District.

Ginette Walker  Ginette.Walker

Liz.smithElizabeth Smith

Elan FirpoElan Fripo

Jeremiah ScottJerimiah Scott

Dan Price Rev. Daniel Price

John.Dalby John Dalby

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