Father’s Day as a Cop

When I was a sergeant working gangs, my Junior High school daughter watched as I synched on a Kevlar vest and slid my gun into a retention holster while readying myself for work. As a cop you get used to this ritual. It’s just a fact of life to which you give little thought.  To a young child who is watching, listening and seeing you leave for work, and understanding the seriousness of your profession – policing makes a profound impact.

I did not realize how much of an impact until Rachel left this poem on my bed one Father’s Day.  This Father’s Day poem is for all of the dads (and moms) who strap on a vest and gun to give of themselves as they protect our communities, our children, our way of life.  Happy Father’s Day…

Painted in Blue©

Adorned with well earned gold trinkets, chest pushed out further than normal,

Not from pride, but from a protective layer of Kevlar lying beneath your blue uniform.

You carry a mind and body so bruised from the troubling visions of death and violence,

But you never let our three naïve minds comprehend the pain and suffering you partake in for our well being,

So you arrive home, purple knuckles, with a smile strung across your gentle face and a kiss for a freckled forehead,

One shaped like your own and that kiss makes me feel like I’m surrounded by layers of Kevlar.

You have made your love my bullet proof vest.

Rachel Mills

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