Measure Z…Funded!

Last night the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved the Measure Z committee recommendation to fund EPD’s MIST program. The BOS approved $400,000 to prove concept and then make it portable for neighboring cities. This proposal is based on data collection, analysis and research. The results will also be data driven and will dictate possible future funding. Now it’s time to execute the mission. Thanks to the BOS and Eureka City Council for their support. mist-field

From the proposal to the Measure Z committee:

“Use Measure Z funding to hire two police officers and fund services needed to perform rapid and individualized assessment of the subject population to determine which resources will work best at the lowest level of cost to the community. The objective is to find rapid and sustainable success at the lowest public cost to Restore Hope to the individual and community.”

The goal of Operation Restore Hope is to leverage the power of community partnership, with the surgical precision of individual analysis, to create tailor-made evidence-based solutions to measurably reduce homelessness in Eureka.   There are five identified groups that have specific needs, each demanding a vastly different solution. Measure Z funding will immensely help solve this problem without displacement to other communities.

The fully loaded annual cost for two police officers is $212,458.00.  These officers will be dedicated to working with Health and Human Services to reduce homelessness in Humboldt County. Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) – Persons placed in PSH are the most vulnerable Humboldt County citizens, chronically homeless and disabled.  Rental subsidies will be provided at 70% of rental unit monthly cost; client will pay 30% share from assumed participant income.  Detoxification services – will provide 3 day to 7 day detoxification services. Clients will receive treatment, housing, utilities and daily personal essentials.  1,033 detox service days annually which will increase County capacity by 50%.  Rapid Re-housing costs average $1,000 per household for security deposits, utility deposits, and some period of rental support, depending on need.  Households needing rapid re-housing may include singles or couples, estimated need for FY 2015-16 is 45 households.

EPD will receive $ 212,000 to fund 2 FTE employees designated to work with the Homeless Population.  They will work with MIST (Mobile Intervention Support Team) to get people off of the street and into housing. The remainder of the money goes to the Department of Health and Human Services to provide three types of service to the target population.
Two Police FTE 212,000
Supportive Housing 30,160
Detox (alcohol and drug) 82,640
Rapid Rehousing 45,000
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