Thieves! Seriously?

Theft is a problem in Eureka.  It is the one crime category that is high and continues to rise.  Look at the trend line for property theft in the graph noted below.


Property crime can be reduced.  Take a few minutes and look at the link below. Situational crime prevention was thought of by Ronald V. Clarke, former director of the Home Office, the UK’s Department of Justice equivalent. It describes ways to prevent crime.

Clarke says there are 5 actions people can take to control crime.  One can increase the risk for those committing crime, increase the effort associated with it, reduce the rewards, reduce provocations and remove the excuse.

Crooks  make a rational choice to steal. They weigh the risk vs. the reward and make a choice. We too can choose to prevent crime.  The 25 techniques listed above will allow you to begin making choices to reduce theft in Eureka.

For example increase risk:  During times when theft occurs community members in bright green vest are walking the neighborhoods, removing anonymity.  Tips 4, 8, 9, 10, 15

Reduce Rewards:  Residents can make it a habit to lock doors, store bikes or take property out of cars. Tips 12, 13, 20

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